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Gone are the days of traditional preparation for the success of UPSC Civil Service Examination. Since the year of 2011, UPSC has reformed a lot regarding the IAS examination pattern. Firstly, in the year 2011, it changed the pattern of the Preliminary Examination and then in the year 2013 it changed the Main Examination pattern also. If anyone analyses this changing pattern of the examination, one thing is crystal clear i.e. the UPSC is emphasizing more on a candidate’s overall approach or aptitude rather than his specialization on a specific subject. This examination has been changed from the ‘Optional Papers Centric’ to ‘GS centric’ though the nomenclature is the same. The cut off marks for each stages of this examination is surging day by day and as a consequence the competition is getting tougher to toughest.

So, what should be the success ‘mantra’ for a candidate who aspires to be an IAS officer. A multi-fold spirited approach can work as the saviour. By the side of building up the concepts, one has to know the art , by sitting in the examination hall how can he answer the questions. For this a strategy is required. As the syllabus is vast enough, interlinking of thoughts of different subjects in a nutshell , is warranted and by the side one has to know what have to read and what not to be. Just mugging up is not going to work here. Here comes the need for ‘specialized guidance’ ,appropriate as par as the Civil Service Examination’s changing pattern.

Of course, it is possible for an aspirant to crack IAS, if he can make the unison of STRATEGY, PERSEVERANCE and RIGHT GUIDANCE. Our best wishes are here for all the IAS aspirants. LONG LIVE POTENTIALITY!.... Jai Hind.

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